Monkey Bar Swing Set (Earthtone)
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The Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set is constructed of heavy-duty powder-coated steel and UV-protected polyethylene plastic so it's weather protected against rusting, discoloration, and heat retention. Won't split, splinter, or warp like a wooden playset. Designed for safety with rubber grips on swing chains to keep little fingers from getting pinched, as well as capped or rounded edges with no rough edges exposed. The monkey bar outdoor backyard playsets are designed with lots of activities to keep kids happily in motion for hours. Includes monkey bars, belt swings, wavy slide, trapeze bar, and a fire pole. Slide can be set up to be on left or right side of the system. Freestanding, with no cement required. For residential use only.

Assembly takes approximately 4 to 6 hours. For more information about assembly, read the Owner's Manual Sample.

For information on adequate playground surfacing for various fall heights, refer to page 11 of the Handbook for Playground Safety pertaining to Playground Surfacing by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.


Model Number 90143
Color Earthtone
Material of Construction Heavy-duty, weather-resistant powder-coated steel and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic
Features Three belt swings, one trapeze bar with gym rings, a 9 ft (2.74 m) wavy slide, monkey bars, and a fire pole
Pole Diameter 3" (7.65 cm)
Steel Thickness 16 ga. (.060" or 1.5mm)
Total Dimensions 13 ft. 11 in. width x 18 ft 9 in. depth x 7 ft 10 in. height
Swing Bar Height 92" (2.33 m)
Safety Zone Equipment should be placed no less than 6 ft (1.8 m) from any structure or obstruction, such as a fence, building, electrical wires, or overhanging branches. A 14 ft 10 in. (4.5 m) clearance should be allowed in front and behind the swings. Total recommended safety zone dimensions are 33 feet 6 inches x 25 feet 10 inches (10.2 m x 7.9 m)
Weight Capacity Per Station 135 lbs. 640 lbs. total weight capacity
Weight Capacity of Slide 150 lbs
Warranty 5 yr. Limited Factory Warranty
Packaged Dimensions 110"L (279.40 cm) x 31.50"W (80.01 cm) x 35.75" (90.805 cm) and weighs 435 lbs. (197.313 cm)
Recommended Ages 3 - 12 yrs. old


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Great swing set, tricky and difficult bolts


The swing set was delivered quickly. It is shipped in three big boxes along with the slide which were all combined together in one large crate. (It is unlikely that two people can lift or move the crate without a handtruck or lift device.) I am impressed with the design and craftsmanship. Only one pre-drilled hole didn't match and had to be re-drilled. Assembly went quickly and the instructions are good. Uncrate, un-box, assemble, leveling - all took only about 7.5 hours (3.5 hours two people after sundown, 4 hours one person). THE MOST TROUBLESOME PART OF ASSEMBLY. The shoulder bolt and barrel nuts are good because the heads are smooth and kid friendly. But they are the most difficult part of the assembly. Eventually you get the knack of inserting the barrel nut and then probing for the nut with the bolt until the threads catch, but it takes practice (all this happens inside the pipe where you can’t see). You tighten them with two 7/16 allen wrenches (supplied) but the wrenches will cut into your bare hands (get some gloves) because tightening the bolts is so difficult. The reason the bolts are so difficult is a portion of the threads are coated with a chemical lock to ensure a tight fit (good planning). However, the substance was so think on 50% of the bolts they couldn't be completely tightened. Eventually I learned to pre-thread and tighten the nut, then loosen, brush away the chemical, and tighten again. I repeated these steps over and over until I could completely tighten the bolt. Only then I would insert it in the swing set to thread and tighten down. (Twice the work.) Cool surprise features: rubbery tube-like hand grips around the swing chains, plastic foot-caps for the bottom of all the poles, end caps for all exposed ends, cast pendulum assemblies for all swings, big pieces were welded together so assembly was limited to hooking all big pieces together. Well, you can tell I am fan. Children love it!

from Texas on

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Impressive Product


This playground rates a 6 star rating on a 5 star scale! The instructions are easy to follow and the parts are in bags coordinated with the instructions. All parts are high quality- they simply feel solid. There was one allen wrench nut that was stripped and one bolt we couldn't use- so if the company could simply provide a couple of spare 4" bolts and nuts in a "spare bolts" bag- they would rate 7 stars. If you want a metal playground, get this one!

from St. Louis, MO on

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Love It!


Easy to assemble and great quality. Great in backyard as not too bulky looking. Only drawback was nut/bolt assembly extremely tight to fasten together and sheared very first bolt apart and unable to tighten fully the rest until we used a wire brush attached to electric drill to clean chemical from bolts prior to using them to assemble unit. Would recommend Lifetime to send a few extra of the nut and bolts in the hardware bags as quantities exactly amount required to assemble unit and no extras. Had to buy extras bolts at hardware store to complete unit. All in all, kids love it and can't wait for them to play on it for next 10 years!

from Ottawa, Ontario on

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Great product!


What a great top notch swingset for a decent price to last years. Similar quality to a city park and pretty simple to assemble instructions were good, give yourself some adequate time to assemble, 3 allen wrenchs are included.Some advice spray the screws with a oil spray before screwing them it will help out tremendosly ,all the screws strong quality with coated paint on them .Good Investment.My 3 Kids jumped on it the second I was done.

from QUEENS,NY on

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Best swing set with monkey bars on the markey


We bought this 4 weeks ago. We needed a set with freestanding monkey bars, did not want to have to cement into the ground, and did not want a huge wood playset in our yard. This set is SOLID, easy to install, and delivery was a breeze!

from Westminster, CO, United States on

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