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Lifetime basketball hoops come with some of the best warranties in the game! When you’re ready to invest in a basketball hoop for your home, be sure it's the best residential basketball system on the market. You can feel confident you are getting top-of-the-line construction and innovation from Lifetime Products. Lifetime works to continually bring new basketball systems and goals to your home.

What makes Lifetime Basketball Hoops the Best?

If you're looking for the best basketball system on the market, check out Lifetime basketball hoops. Since 1986, Lifetime has transformed basketball with the introduction of the first adjustable basketball backboard and a revolutionary portable base. Lifetime brought the game to your own backyard to become a top seller in the manufacturing of home basketball equipment. If you love this game, bring home the best basketball hoops on the market. Enjoy the convenience of anytime, all-the-time basketball in your very own yard. Gather friends and family together for some exciting fun and friendly competition.

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Basketball System Construction

We guarantee the best basketball hoop by thoroughly testing our products in our in-house testing lab to ensure they meet stringent ASTM safety standards, as well as additional safety, environmental, and practical use standards set by Lifetime. All of our basketball hoops systems are built with the highest-quality steel parts. Every system features a powder-coated finish that makes the poles rust and scratch-resistant. All in-ground poles feature a patented friction-weld joint that safeguards against unwanted movement. Our rims are constructed from heavy gauge steel and we use polyethylene for our portable bases and some backboards. The best basketball hoops on the market are covered by an amazing five year warranty.

Basketball Hoops Functionality

At Lifetime, we strive to keep your options open. That's why we offer three types of basketball systems, inground, portable, and bolt down, as well as a variety of backboards and height adjustment features. We're sure you'll find the system with everything you're looking for!

Types of Basketball Systems

Inground Systems provide the ultimate in stability and rigidity. Even inground basketball hoops systems can be removed if they are installed using the ground sleeve we offer in our accessories line.

Portable Systems have the advantage of being easy to transport and relocate due to the roller base design. Just fill the base with sand or water for stability. These basketball hoops can be relocated from patio, to driveway, to cul-de-sac. The bases are categorized by gallon capacity, but the following is a conversion from gallons to lbs so you have an idea of how much sand you would need:

  • 10 gals of water=107 lbs of sand
  • 12 gals of water=128.5 lbs of sand
  • 27 gals of water=289 lbs of sand
  • 31 gals of water=332 lbs of sand
  • 35 gals of water=375 lbs of sand

Inground Bolt-Down Systems are freestanding lock-down systems which provide the rigidity of an inground system and the flexibility of a portable system. The lock-down bolt feature secures the base to a concrete surface with removable bolts.

Types of Backboard Materials

Lifetime offers a variety of basketball hoops backboards to suit your needs and preferences:

  • Impact is made from HDPE polyethylene plastic to withstand the elements
  • Acrylic provides superior strength and a pro-glass look
  • Shatter Proof is made from Makrolon, which is virtually unbreakable.
  • Tempered Glass provides superior rebound performance just like the professional backboards

Types of Height Adjustment Mechanisms

Lifetime basketball hoops also offer a variety of height adjustment features so you can easily customize the height of the backboard to your own desired level, such as:

  • Action Grip, which uses counter-balance springs to adjust it from 7.5 ft to 10 ft with the squeeze of a handle
  • Power Lift, which uses a pneumatic mechanism to adjust it from 7.5 ft to 10 ft with the squeeze of a handle
  • Quick Adjust, which requires a broomstick to adjust it from 7.5 ft to 10 ft in six different settings of 4 inch increments
  • Quick Adjust II, which requires a broomstick or pole to adjust it from 8 ft to 10 ft in six settings of 4 inch increments
  • Speed Shift, which uses counter-balance springs to adjust it from 8 ft to 10 ft with the pull of a handle
  • Telescoping, which adjusts it from 7.5 to 10 ft. by twisting a knob and sliding the pole where you want it
  • Front Adjust, which is designed so the user is facing the pole and uses the handle to easily adjust it from 7.5 to 10 ft with the aid of counter-balance springs. This front position is especially convenient on portable systems because the base won't get in the way.
  • Pump Adjust, which uses a handle to easily adjust it from 7.5 to 10 ft with the aid of a pneumatic mechanism.
  • Rapid Cam, which uses a handle to easily raise and lower the massive Mammoth backboard in seconds with just one hand. Pneumatic springs, mechanical springs, and cam plates do the work for you! Adjusts from 7.5 ft to 10 ft with infinite settings.
  • Strong Arm, which uses a lever to adjust it from 8 ft to 10 ft in five different settings of 6 inch increments with the aid of counter-balance springs.

Height Adjustments Ratings

  • Entry Point: Telescoping
  • Good: Quick Adjust 2, Strong Arm
  • Better: Speed Shift, Action grip, Front Adjust
  • Best: Pump Adjust, Rapid Cam, Power Lift, Power Lift XL, PowerFlex, Mammoth

Types of Rims

All Lifetime basketball hoops rims are designed with features that enhance safety and performance. Different styles include:

  • Slam-It Rim, which features double-compression springs providing spring-back action. Constructed of solid steel, this 5/8 in. rim is supported by 1/2 in. braces. Built for competitive play with welded-steel net hooks and an all-weather nylon net.
  • Classic Rim, which features a 5/8 in. solid-steel ring supported by 1/2 in. braces. Provides excellent durability with welded steel net hooks. No springs. All-weather nylon net included.
  • Ultra Rim, which is constructed with a 5/8 in. ring of solid steel supported by 1/2 in. braces. Also features a continuous net hook wire which secures the heavy-duty all-weather nylon net to the rim with minimal intrusion. Built to take a slam with double-compression springs providing excellent spring-back action.
  • Spring Flex Rim, which is used on our Mammoth system and is built to take the abuse of competitive play. This break-away style rim features a wrap-around brace supporting a 5/8 in. ring of solid steel.

Searching for accessories for your Lifetime basketball hoops system? Shop our collection of quality basketball accessories and equipment.