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Lifetime Tru-Motion Curved-Foot Quad Cane

Lifetime Tru-Motion Curved-Foot Quad Cane

Get the stability of a quad cane with the mobility of a single point cane! The revolutionary patented design of the True Motion walking cane uses two curved feet like those on a rocking chair, rather than four separate points of contact, to provide a steady contact on most surfaces, including slopes and stairs. Increase your mobility and your confidence!

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The purpose of a cane is to shift weight onto the cane away from the weaker side. A quad cane is a cane that typically has four points of contact on the end of the cane giving increased stability over a single-point cane when walking or standing. The new Lifetime Tru-Motion walking cane replaces the quad cane to give you the advanced support of a quad cane, with the mobility of a single-point cane. The Tru-Motion cane is the latest innovation in walking canes.

The Lifetime Tru-Motion cane was designed with the help of physical therapists to encourage correct posture and provide a consistent steady contact on any surface, including stairs and slopes. The curved foot gives consistent feedback, regardless of the length of your stride or angle at which you hold the cane. When the user is able to apply their natural full range walking motion, it results in less energy expenditure and facilitates the healthy upright gait. The Tru-Motion cane especially helps people making the transition from a walker to a cane. The design of the cane foot allows users to lean their weight on the cane while resting in a standing position. And speaking of standing, this cane can even stand up on its own, which means you can always keep it right by your side even when you're not using it.

It’s important to choose a cane that is right for you. The Lifetime cane is easily adjusted from 31 inches to 40 inches in one inch increments with the use of a push button. The top handle should be at your hip joint with your elbow slightly bent (20 – 30 degree angle). It can also be adjusted for left-handed or right-handed use by rotating the base of the cane. By using high-grade lightweight aluminum, the Tru-Motion cane is able to support a user of up to 250 lbs, with the cane only weighing 1.4 lbs.

Tru-Motion and Lifetime have teamed up to use Lifetime’s world class manufacturing and design operations to produce a truly revolutionary cane that will help thousands of individuals begin to more fully enjoy life. The Lifetime Tru-Motion cane is currently being used in rehabilitation facilities across the nation including: UCLA, USC, UNLV, ASU, UC, Kaiser Permanent, Craig Hospital, and IHC Hospitals. It recently received the Merit Award at the Medtrade 2010 Spring show held in Las Vegas. The Lifetime Tru-Motion Cane is billable with a doctor’s prescription through Medicare insurance code HCPCS E0105. The full cost of the cane may be covered, please check with your medical equipment supplier. It is also a reimbursable expense under a Section 125 Cafeteria Plan.

Model No. 1009
Height Adjustments 31" to 40"
Cane Weight 1.4 lbs.
Cane Tip Dimensions 5 1/4" L x 4" W
User Weight Capacity 250 lbs.
Warranty 1 yr.