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Purchase Lifetime tables direct from the official online Lifetime Store and get free shipping! Lifetime Products invented lightweight portable plastic tables to replace all of the cumbersome metal and wooden folding tables consumers were forced to use before we entered the market. Lifetime was already an expert in molding plastic products and using steel tubing so the folding table was a great fit for our company. We've used our patented technology to produce the most durable plastic folding Lifetime tables now available on the market.

What Makes Lifetime Plastic Folding Tables Number One in the Industry?

Lifetime folding tables are designed for the way you live. Whether you want to use an adjustable plastic table for craft projects, or set up banquet tables and surround yourself with friends and family. Lifetime tables are strong enough for your construction projects, and lightweight so they can remain portable. Our patented lightweight design and superior durability makes Lifetime the top seller of plastic tables in the market.

Lifetime Folding Tables Construction--

We use high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic to make our plastic folding tables stronger, lighter, and more durable than metal tables or wood tables. We use UV-protected plastic to prevent cracking and discoloration, and powder-coated steel to prevent rusting so that you can use Lifetime tables outdoors as well as indoors.

Consider the advantages that our plastic tables have over metal or wooden tables:

  • Wooden outdoor tables can be more expensive than polyethylene , susceptible to cracking and splitting, require regular maintenance, and are less durable.
  • Metal can be less expensive than polyethylene, but it is susceptible to rusting and denting.
  • HDPE plastic is strong, durable, and suitable for indoor or outdoor use so you get more for your money.
  • Unlike metal or wooden tabletops, an HDPE plastic tabletop is water proof, stain resistant, and low maintenance. Most substances can be removed with dish detergent and warm water.

Lifetime Folding Tables Styles--

Lifetime polyethylene plastic folding tables come in different styles to suit your needs. Our engineers have implemented a variety of features to make our tables attractive and convenient to use. Choose from round or rectangular tables and the following styles:

  • Standard Folding Banquet Tables: The traditional folding table is a popular favorite because the legs conveniently fold up into the tabletop for space-saving storage and easy transportation.
  • Fold In Half Tables: This is the ultimate design in space-saving tables. With this design you can store an 8 ft table in only 4 ft of space! Ideal for storing in a closet, the trunk of your car, or your camper. Our fold-in-half tables come in a variety of sizes from small craft tables to large banquet tables.
  • Adjustable Height Tables: With our adjustable height tables, it's like you're getting several tables in one. This versatile design allows you to raise the table to counter height or lower to child's height, with a couple of height options in between. The perfect feature for an all-purpose table!
  • Seminar Tables: These narrow seminar tables are only 18 inches wide so you can fill your conference room with more people and less table surface. These training room tables are just the right size for notebooks and water glasses. Light weight with slim design allows for quick and easy set up and take down.
  • Picnic Tables: We have durable polyethylene plastic picnic tables in several sizes, in round or rectangular shapes, with attached, detached, and swing-out benches. Weather-protected against rusting, warping, or fading. Water and stain resistant. Designed with a convenient umbrella hole that can be capped off when it's not in use.
  • Personal Tables: These small tables are very popular. Perfect for a snack table, homework table, or camp table. This is a great grab-n-go table to toss in the trunk of your car and take to outdoor sporting events or parades.

Lifetime Folding Tables Functionality--

Lifetime plastic folding tables are designed for the way you live--active and on the go! We incorporate features that will be compatible to your lifestyle, such as:

  • Smooth, rounded edges for comfortable handling during transportation. No sharp edges like wooden or metal tables
  • Stain resistance for easy maintenance
  • A fold-up design for compact storage
  • Durable engineering that meets BIFMA standards

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