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Lifetime's vast experience in manufacturing different types of utility trailers and tent trailers has culminated in the production of the innovative two-in-one Lifetime Tent Trailer. Designed with lots of convenient features for work or play.

What Can You Do With A Lifetime Utility/Tent Trailer?

Lifetime's utility/tent trailers are designed for double duty as both a utility trailer and a tent trailer. Whether you're hauling off tree limbs or heading for your favorite camping spot, this 2-in-1 trailer is all you'll need. Heavy-duty steel trailer bed is designed with two high side gates which can be raised up for hauling jobs or laid down to create wings. These wings can be used for the tent trailer bed platforms or as workbenches for handyman projects. Load up your ATV, kayaks, or other recreational equipment for a fun day out or toss in the tent and extend your stay. The tent comes in its own weather-proof storage bag and weighs only 25 lbs. In just a matter of minutes, you can set up a spacious, comfortable tent on the trailer bed which will keep up to 6 people high and dry in your temporary home away from home. So you can use a Lifetime Tent/Trailer as a:

  • Tent Trailer
  • Utility Trailer
  • ATV Trailer
  • Motorcycle Trailer
  • Canoe Trailer
  • Kayak Trailer
  • Pontoon Boat Trailer
  • Mountain Bike Trailer

Trailer Construction

  • Heavy-duty steel frame has a durable, rust-resistant powder-coated finish
  • Trailer bed features solid wood flooring
  • Trailer light wiring is weather protected to avoid damage
  • 40.5" side gates
  • 123 cubic ft. of cargo space
  • Payload capacity of 1300 lbs

Trailer Features

Steel mesh side gates can be used in 3 different modes:

  • Raised up to contain trailer contents
  • Laid down to be used as bed platforms for tent trailer
  • Laid down without the tent to be used as tables or workbenches

Tent Construction

  • Polyester tent with 3000 mm PU coating for weather resistance
  • Durable,lightweight aluminum poles for main tent frame
  • Only 25 lbs
  • 84 sq. ft interior space

Tent Features

  • Front and rear screened doorways with overhead awnings
  • 8 screened windows and 2 screened vents for ultimate ventilation and 360 degree view
  • 4 Integrated interior wall pockets to hold smaller items
  • 3 ceiling loops
  • Sleeps up to 6 people (including floor space)
  • Tent Set Up

    Setting up the Lifetime tent trailer is similar to setting up a regular tent. The process is as follows:

    • Lay down each trailer side gate to create the wings for the tent bed platforms
    • Remove tent from storage bag and lay the tent down in the trailer bed with the floor of the tent on the bottom and the front and back tent doors facing the front and back of the trailer
    • Pull the right side of the tent over the right wing and the left side of the tent over the left wing, orienting the corners
    • Use the straps and hooks included in the kit to secure the tent to the trailer at all attachment points
    • Finally, insert all of the tent rods into the appropriate sleeves and clip into place

    Do it all with a Lifetime Utility/Tent Trailer! For work or for play, at home or on the road, this little trailer helps get the job done and enhances your fun. Navigation Menu